Tonia Skipper
This is the Czech version of the movie "Chocolat". I have never tasted something as good as the hot chocolate! I even went back for another one with cinnamon! I also bought 3 different kinds of chocolate. I will order more online when I run out. Literally THE BEST THING I'VE EVER TASTED! The owner is very nice & let me taste anything I was curious about. Clean, organized & reasonably priced! Go here!There's an old saying that chocolate produces the same endorphins or feelings as sex!

Don L.
I hope believe the saying is true because I love chocolate and always feel good eating it just like sex.

If you love chocolate you're really going to enjoy this chocolate shop and museum.

The Staff/Owners are very friendly and will that you taste different chocolates until you find what you like.

They also have a neat little museum on the history of chocolate that you will enjoy so Stop in for a visit and have some good chocolate. Enjoy!

Kyra C.
We stopped by on a whim because it was raining and this store was open. It turned into the highlight of our trip. The woman working there was incredibly passionate about chocolate and her enthusiasm showed. We probably spent 45 minutes in this store buying various kinds of chocolate, discussing the chocolate process & industry in the Czech Republic, and enjoying the most delicious hot chocolate I've ever had (We all got different flavors, and while the other members of my group insist theirs was the best, I got the lime and caramel hot chocolate and was completely. blown. away. Definitely recommend it). She gave us a tour of the back room, with very interesting information about the chocolate industry in the Czech Republic and the complex history behind it. A very worthwhile stop on our way up to St. Barbara. I would 100% recommend stopping in and getting some hot chocolate. Maybe even two cups.
Asaf R.
פחות מוזיאון, יותר חנות. ה"מוזיאון" הוא פשוט חדרון קטן מאחור עם קצת הסברים ותמונות על החנות מפעם והייצור.
מעבר לכך, יש המון סוגי שוקולד שם, והמוכרת מאוד נחמדה, נתנה לטעות מלא סוגי שוקולד.
בנוסף, הם מכינים שוקולד עם חריף. אחד מהם עם הפלפל ששבר שיא גינס בתור הפלפל החריף בעולם. בהצלחה.
Coli G.
We've been visiting Kutna Hora and on our way thru the tiny streets, we spot the chocolate shop/museum and we paid a visit. Our first impression was that the lady, which I suppose is some kind of the owner of the place was very kind and also offered us to taste some cocoa beans from Madagascar.
We ended up buying some chocolates and also ordered some kind of chocolate frappe which was very good. Needless to say that the chocolate taste was great. So, if you end up in Kutna Hora, definitely worth to visit this place.
Мила С.
Приятное место. Отличное оформление и очень вкусный горячий шоколад. Умеренные цены по сравнению с Прагой. Нам очень понравилось.