Chocolate Museum

We are a small private museum of local chocolate, opened by a group of chocolate lovers and enthusiasts in spring 2016. Visit our unique exposition dedicated to the history of the Koukol & Michera chocolate factory from Kutná Hora, which used to be one of the best ones in the world! 

History of Kutná Hora Chocolate

The chocolate factory Koukol and Michera in Kutná Hora was founded in 1918. It exported its chocolates and bonbons under the brand name Lidka to everywhere in Europe and the American continent, Palestine and all of the British colonies.
Best chocolate in the world
Lidka was no ordinary chocolate - it was the best chocolate in the world! It even won the gold medal twice at international competitions! The founders of the factory Zdeněk Koukol and Eduard Michera knew their craft very well and made their chocolates with care and love.
Nevertheless, the factory was nationalised in 1948 and the production subsequently declined. Koukol (the founder of the factory) was forced to leave the country and that was the beginning of the end of the glorious era of the Czechoslovak chocolate industry.
The factory, that used to make more than 5,000 kinds of bonbons, used to employ some 500 people and successfully exported its products globally ceased to exist in 1958.
Diana, Orion a Nestlé
After the foundation of state-owned specialised chocolate factories, Lidka chocolate was manufactured once again in Modřany, Velim and Děčín (Diana factory) but not using the original recipes (as those were never passed on to the Communists). These Lidka chocolates are probably the ones that people still remember now…
One hundred years from foundation and 60 years from finishing produstion we have just started to produce Lidka Chocolate again in 2018.
IMG_20181025_141759 (1)
Lidka Chocolate again wins! Six months from renewing the production we won the first bronz medal on Academy of Chocolate in London. But we have bigger plans. In seven years we would like to win our first golden one like our ancestors. Follow us, taste us - we hope we will not disappoint you...